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Amblygonite's fusion dance by Serenade-Thirdhand Amblygonite's fusion dance :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 5 1 Stopping Them Early by Serenade-Thirdhand Stopping Them Early :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 3 0 Amblygonite by Serenade-Thirdhand Amblygonite :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 4 3 Emerald And Quartz by Serenade-Thirdhand Emerald And Quartz :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 0 Emerald my gem sona by Serenade-Thirdhand Emerald my gem sona :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 0 Cuddles time by Serenade-Thirdhand Cuddles time :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 7 0 Natari Ref by Serenade-Thirdhand Natari Ref :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 3 3 Excurs9 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excurs9 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 0 0 Excur8 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excur8 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 0 0 Excur7 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excur7 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 4 excur6 by Serenade-Thirdhand excur6 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 0 Excurs5 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excurs5 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 0 0 Excur4 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excur4 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 0
The crew set out to work.  It was a hot, humid day today on Alpas.  The air seemed to stick to any surface it could find, and as for the handlers and dogs on the island, they knew all too well that this weather can take a toll on the living.  Lee stopped his dogs under the cover of a tree.  He sat down on a rather than boulder, took a sip from his water canteen, and poured some into his hands and offered it to his dogs, who gladly took the break out of the heat of the day and laid down on the colder, but still rather warm, dirt path.  This island seemed to be crawling with dogs, according to the email India got about the trip, but the only dogs he saw were other dogs who were sent here with owners rather than ones with overly large nipples from over bred puppy mill masters, or dogs that were nothing but skin and bones.  It seemed all but hopeless for the few handlers who still search this island.  It seemed that every rock had already been over turned
:iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 0 0
Excur2 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excur2 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 0 1 Excur1 by Serenade-Thirdhand Excur1 :iconserenade-thirdhand:Serenade-Thirdhand 1 0


good one, prongs by viria13 good one, prongs :iconviria13:viria13 6,514 229 tartarus is hard by viria13 tartarus is hard :iconviria13:viria13 2,255 60 Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. by sakimichan Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,530 291 Battle ready by TheZodiacLord Battle ready :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 124 14 Gems Gems Gems part 3 [+SPEEDDOODLE] by TheZodiacLord Gems Gems Gems part 3 [+SPEEDDOODLE] :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 251 21 FT - (Steven/Lapis/Peridot) Opalite by TheZodiacLord FT - (Steven/Lapis/Peridot) Opalite :iconthezodiaclord:TheZodiacLord 767 47 Mother by Pugletz Mother :iconpugletz:Pugletz 772 30 Whimsical by Pugletz Whimsical :iconpugletz:Pugletz 1,236 56 Fat Head by SpytDragonFyre Fat Head :iconspytdragonfyre:SpytDragonFyre 9 0 nostalgia by viria13 nostalgia :iconviria13:viria13 7,546 121 Gift: Vaporeon and Charmander by Dragoonzia Gift: Vaporeon and Charmander :icondragoonzia:Dragoonzia 5 3 Import for Olved by LeavingNeverland Import for Olved :iconleavingneverland:LeavingNeverland 10 10 Import for dappled-moon-kennel by LeavingNeverland Import for dappled-moon-kennel :iconleavingneverland:LeavingNeverland 5 2 WIP - The Tar Titan by Dragoonzia WIP - The Tar Titan :icondragoonzia:Dragoonzia 4 4 Daily Doodle 2 by Dragoonzia Daily Doodle 2 :icondragoonzia:Dragoonzia 2 0 Dipstick x Tank Great Dane Breeding by fierfairy42 Dipstick x Tank Great Dane Breeding :iconfierfairy42:fierfairy42 5 8



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I am an begining artist and trying to get into DARPG and HARPG. The points help me get new foals and dogs. It would really help if you donate. Thanks for reading this message.

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Amblygonite's fusion dance
So I though Amblygonite's fusion dance would be very mature and has a lot of moves.

Quartz TheZodiacLord 
Emerald and Amblygonite me
Stopping Them Early
So TheZodiacLord made a little picture of Quartz being squad mom to baby gems, and I thought it was a cute idea.

For this piece, everyone, but Jet and Amblygonite are in their PJs, and Jet told Amblygonite, that Moonstone and Sunstone were trying to fuse.  She has seen that beast child before, so before their fusion showed up again, Amblygonite put on end to it and separated them.  When going into Mega Squad mom mode, Amblygonite pins back her bangs so she can see better.

Hope this was cute to more people than just me.

Jet, Topaz, Morganite, Moonstone, Sunstone, Quartz (c): TheZodiacLord 
Emerald, Amblygonite, art (c): me
this is what I think the fusion between my Emerald and Quartz from TheZodiacLord would look like.  Quartz is already squad mom, so I think the only thing emerald would add would be making mega squad mom, making sure everyone is safe all the time and having fun.  Oh, and Amblygonite tells dad jokes
Emerald And Quartz
my emerald getting squad mom of the rebels a little angry.  KEEP IT TOGETEHR QUARTZ!

Emerald me
Quartz TheZodiacLord 
Emerald my gem sona
so I have gotten into the SU fan universe and created my own gem sona, named emerald.  Now I imagine that diamonds have gems that are quite dispensable, and some that are more worthy, but I also think that all diamonds had a triad of gems that served a purpose.  Mine were rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, where sapphires can see the future, emeralds can predict how possible that future is, and rubies work to either preserve the future, or change it to their diamond's wishes.   so my emerald can calculate the probability of anything, but she can't control her powers so she was downgraded to a gem shatterer (assassin) to harness her calculating skills.  her second eyes open when she is calculating.   Her gem is on her back, and her weapons are 2 one-handed swords.


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My friends told me to get one and I finally did. I love my dog. I draw pics to go with the stories I write


Dog design Customs
So the farther back I look in my gallery, the more I hate the imports I made, but I like how they look now.  Each import will be on pre-made lines, since my tablet is weird and You will need the fill out the following information

color: (please use the most correct terms in describing your dogs so I can get it right the first time)
reference picture: (not needed, but if you saw a dog on like google you like, or a design someone else made *cough Neverland and Waggin' Shout outs!)
Eye color(s):
Anything else you think is important:


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